Congratulations to Abi for His Promotion to Leadership

Congratulations to Abi for His Promotion to Leadership

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Promoting from within is an Imperious Management Group best practice. It communicates our commitment to helping people who are loyal to the firm’s mission and values as they fulfill their potential. As team members gain proficiency in their given responsibilities, they inevitably find themselves moving further and further up the ladder of success. Recently, Abi proved that he was ready for the next level, and was promoted into a leadership position.

“Abi was chosen to be promoted into leadership due to his tenacity and positive attitude,” shared Anthony, Imperious Management Group’s President. “He always goes the extra mile and shows interest in the company’s inner workings. He redefines networking by reaching out to different people on his own time. We love to reward our team members by helping them grow and reach their career goals, and Abi is exactly the kind of go-getter after whom we want the rest of our crew to model themselves.”

The success of our firm is based on this associate-first attitude we’ve embraced. From day one, we provide our newest team members both with one-to-one coaching and a comprehensive training system that transfers all the knowledge and skills a professional needs to succeed. This isn’t a blanket approach though; we customize the program for individual needs and allow team members to set their own paces. We reach milestones when we’re ready, and earn new roles when the time is right.

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