We’re Growing and Hiring in the Golden State!

We’re Growing and Hiring in the Golden State!

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It’s time to grow again! Imperious Management Group’s operations will be expanding this year in California. We’re pleased that our success to date has allowed us to move forward in this market. We will also be able to add to our dependable team.

“We plan to hire 20 new people this year,” indicated Mark E., our Imperious Management Group President. “This is our biggest expansion so far. It’s a credit to our team and the work they’ve done to acquire customers for our telecom partner. We’ve created an effective outreach model that speaks to business needs.”

As Mark noted, the best qualified candidates are those who possess a positive attitude and are serious about building their careers. “Our coaching program is designed to take new team members through the processes and guide them in all aspects of our business,” he said. “This requires a mind-set that is open to learning. We have the resources, we ask the people bring their ambition.”

“Our training is far from ordinary,” Mark continued. “We offer plenty of hands-on experiences so that our associates can better grasp the knowledge we’re imparting. Bottom line, we want people to succeed and grow professionally with us. If you think this is something for you, please feel free to apply online.”

As we continue to grow, we’ll have more open positions, so check out our Imperious Management Group [Newswire] for upcoming announcements.