Using a Sports Mentality to Make 2019 a Winning Year!

Using a Sports Mentality to Make 2019 a Winning Year!

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We take a lot of inspiration from our favorite sports teams when it comes to success in the professional world. Here’s what we like to call our Imperious Management playbook for achievement:

• Evaluate the Game So Far: Coaches and players often base future decisions on what has (or hasn’t) worked in the past. One way we do this is by looking at the goals we set at the beginning of 2019, and then considering what to continue focusing on, and what to set aside for later.

• Look for GROWTH: We love our acronyms around the Imperious Management office, and GROWTH is our latest favorite. It stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and What’s Next, and it’s a valuable tool for deciding which New Year’s resolutions make the mid-year cut.

• Line Up Personal and Company Goals: Winning players know how to balance between being a superstar and putting the team first. When we decide on our personal goals, we make sure to create vertical alignment with our firm’s aims as well.

• Create Daily Action Steps: This tip is like a best-kept secret. Any goal, no matter how audacious, is achieved one day at a time. Knowing what small steps to take on a daily basis ensures we maintain momentum in the right directions.

• Draw Out Timelines: Seeing our intentions drawn out is like considering a sports season as a whole. Doing this gives us a handle on how much time we have, and the scope of what we’re trying to accomplish. This level of organization and clarity fills us with confidence and inspiration.

Whether in sports or business, these five steps will lead to victory. Like Imperious Management on Facebook to watch us put these ideas into action.