Watching Zach and Christian Gain Momentum

Watching Zach and Christian Gain Momentum

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When our team members move forward in their careers, we like to make a big deal about it! After all, our promotions are based on merit, which means that if someone gets advanced, we know it’s an honor they earned. Recently, Christian and Zach found themselves moving up the Imperious Management Group career ladder.

According to Anthony, our President, “Christian and Zach are the perfect examples of professionals with a business-owner mentality. They were both promoted into leadership due to their determination and hard work. They both take the extra steps to succeed, and they always show up with a positive attitude.”

It was not by chance that Zach and Christian were also chosen to go with Anthony to a national leadership conference in Dallas. Once team members show that they’re ready for more, they are given every chance to learn about our business and see our operation from every angle. This includes seeing how Imperious Management Group fits into our industry, and where a start with our firm might lead in the future (exactly what Zach and Christian saw during the Dallas conference).

Our commitment to helping our team members reach their personal and professional targets is the heart of our success as a company.